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And here it begins...

I have been musing with the idea of writing a blog for some time now. A lot has been said and written about tango. Blogging has become an activity that many of my friends – the Facebook ones especially – seem to indulge in.

I will start by explaining the blog’s name – the tango monologues.

This blog is not meant to start a conversation about tango. This is a collection of thoughts about tango music and DJing in general. It will contain amusing anecdotes and personal experience laced with a few considerations. I am not setting out to be thought provoking or hoping to generate a discussion. All I am trying to achieve is shared entertainment.

Some topics might generate a reaction in the readers and that’s fine with me. Feel free to chat about it. Discussions on Facebook can be time-consuming. I have a full time job as well as other hobbies that I intend to continue pursuing. So I may not always participate.

This blog is unashamedly about me. Writing is a way to process and reflect on personal experience and I find it very liberating. You are very welcome to challenge or ignore what I write. Meanwhile, I will be listening to my music.