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ETS Firbush Booking FORM

This is the booking form for the Edinburgh Tango Society - Firbush outdoor activity, tango weekend.

Dates: 25th-27th September 2015

Price: £120/person (pounds stirling) - there will be an additional charge of £21.50 for those people using the minibus (limited spaces)

Payment: By bank transfer (if this is not possible, please let us know)

We will endeavour to email you as soon as possible to acknowledge we have received your booking.


  • Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed
  • Each person going must have a form submitted
  • Your place is not guaranteed until: your booking has been acknowledged, payment has been received, and confirmed
  • If you are booking with a partner, ensure you put each others names on both forms, so that we can link the two together
Name *
First and last name
Which role will you mainly be dancing?
Have you been to Firbush before?
Provide a phone number including country code if outside the UK
The town or city where you live
The country where you live
If you are booking with a partner, or specific other people you must be with, then please put their name(s) here.
If there are any specific requests, or other details you would like us to consider please enter these here