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El Tango Club at the ETS Festivalito with Adrian and Amanda Costa

Friday, 13th October - 9pm-1am - Dj Ricardo Peixoto

Ricardo is a tango DJ who leaves the ego at the door. His aim is to play music for the dancers, to inspire an emergency cabeceo, to facilitate a nice ronda, to keep the smiles in the end of a tanda.

Saturday 14th October. 9pm-1am - Guest DJ Ewa Zbrzeska

London based, originally from Poland, Ewa has been regularly DJing at various London venues (Corrientes, Pavadita, the Crypt, the Dome, Carablanca, Negracha & The Light). She has been invited to play at events such as London Rivertango Festival and Spitalfileds tango, as well as European events, inc Paris, Oslo, Warsaw, Łódź, Angoulême, Palermo, Geneva, Moscow, Barcelona & Sitges.

She plays traditional tango, with emphasis on creating different moods and musical textures to offer a variety of emotions to the dancers.

Venue: TBC


Sunday 15th October - 8pm-11pm Dj Anto

Anto started DJing in 2008 and regularly DJs in different locations across the UK - such as London, Nottingham and Glasgow. She is also the resident DJ for the Edinburgh Tango Society - every Sunday at the Counting House, Edinburgh. DJ Anto plays traditional music - from the late twenties' to the Golden age of Tango - mid thirties to the early fifties. She believes the Tango DJ is an entertainer, not an educator. Although she like to sometimes surprise her audience with beautifully danceable gems, the dancers can always rely on a selection solidly based on the traditional repertoire. Amongst her favourite orchestras are D'Arienzo, Di Sarli and Troilo .

Venue: The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DD